The Club’s winter out of city activities take place on Wednesdays. Our winter activities are Cross-country (XC) skiing and snowshoeing. A significant number of members do both, making their decision according to temperature, snow conditions and daily whims.

Typically, our snow season runs from the last Wednesday in November, or earlier if the snow conditions are favourable, to the last Wednesday in March. Outings are cancelled if the forecasted Tuesday night temperature is less than -20 Celsius and the Wednesday mid-day forecasted high is less than -15 Celsius at the location.

There is no winter outing schedule; weekly destinations are selected based on the snow conditions at the possible venues.

The choice of trails offered will include options for all abilities. XC skiers most always ski on track set trails and snowshoers will use designated snowshoe trails. An “A”, “B”, “C” grading system similar to hiking is used for organizing the groups for the outing.

Similar to the hiking outings, members and guests sign up for one of the ski or snowshoeing options and Leaders will be assigned for each group. As with hiking, members and guests must ski or snowshoe in groups of 4 or more.