Pick-up Locations

Westside Calgary Chinese Alliance Church

The primary departure point for members who arrive by vehicle is the car park of the Westside Calgary Chinese Alliance Church located at 6600 Country Hills Boulevard NW.

Departure time: 8:00 AM

Crowfoot LRT Station

A second pick up at Crowfoot LRT Station (bottom of the north ramp) is made for the benefit of members travelling by Calgary Transit.

Pick-up Time: 8:10 AM

Departure and pick-up times may vary depending upon the destination.

Vehicle Parking

The parking lot is available courtesy of the Westside Calgary Chinese Alliance Church. Club Members and guests are requested to respect the relationship that exists between the Church and the Club. A large area of the lot is reserved for Church parking. Members and guests should familiarize themselves with the Parking  rules to ensure they park in permitted areas.

Each vehicle must display the Club’s Parking Card on the dash while parked in designated parking areas.

We are able to park:

  • along the white fence on the west side of the front lot;
  • along the whole row along the street, Country Hills Blvd;
  • in the two inner rows in the front parking lot between the 2nd and 4th light standards all the way to the east end of the parking lot towards Tim Horton’s and the Esso Car Wash; and
  • only if we have more than one bus requiring additional parking spaces, we will be able to open the secured gates allowing for parking on the side and rear of the church.

If you are uncertain of where you parked falls within the assigned areas don’t hesitate to ask the Bus Coordinator and/or Hiking Director for clarification before entering the bus.