A choice of hiking trails suitable for all abilities is offered on each Wednesday outing from May to October. Everyone who attends will find a hike that that they are capable of doing and can complete. Trails may include ridge walks, opportunities to summit some peaks and lakeshore walks. Popular destinations may be repeated but we try to introduce new trails each year.

Each outing will include several options:

  • Level A: Longer distance over challenging terrain and with considerable elevation gain at a fast pace for stronger walkers;
  • Level B: Significant distance over less challenging terrain and with noticeable elevation gain but at a slower pace; and
  • Level C:  Shorter distance over relatively easy terrain with some elevation gain for those who want to walk at a more leisurely pace.

View the link to see the hikes that are scheduled to be offered this hiking season to see if our destinations are suitable for you.

On the outward bus trip, hikers sign up for one of the hikes offered. Groups may be further subdivided if the group is large so that the hiking pace is comfortable for everyone.

The Bus Coordinator assigns Leaders for each group, aiming for groups of manageable size and compatible abilities. Members and guests must hike in groups of 4 or more. This minimum group number is required to reduce the chances of unexpected encounters with wildlife and to provide assistance in the event of an accident. The Leader checks that each person has chosen the right group, introduces newcomers, counts and keeps track of individuals, sets the hiking pace, assigns a sweep, and oversees the group.