City Walk Outings


  • Walks are scheduled for every Monday except on statutory holidays.
  • Indoor mall walks are scheduled when the weather is inclement.
  • Members are notified of the location of the walk by email, by visiting the Club’s website, or by phoning the Club’s Information to confirm the walk location.
  • Walks begin at 10:00 AM unless noted otherwise and are up to 2 hours long.
  • All walks are accessible by public transit or personal transport.
  • Members and guests are not required to preregister for city walks because there is no restriction on the number of individuals who can attend.
  • Members and guests register themselves at the parking lot.
  • Member registrations are subsequently recorded on the Club’s membership list.

Please see below for all scheduled events.

  • City Walk: Silver Springs - June 5, 2023
    • June 5, 2023
      10:00 am - 12:00 pm

    Monday June 5th City Walk will be in Silver Springs. We will meet in the Bowmont Park parking lot in SilverSprings ( Silver Springs Boulevard…